What Is IR

Where Energy Healing Meets Spiritual Awakening

Inner Reconciliation is a revolutionary approach to emotional healing and self-realization. It seamlessly combines the best elements of meditation, self inquiry, trauma healing, emotional intelligence and integration, in a way that is amazingly simple and intuitive and still yields permanent results.

You can use it any time, anywhere, to quickly become highly present, harmonize inner conflicts, and step into clarity and wisdom.

The end result:

  • Deep Mastery of Energy Healing
  • Authentic Preparation for Spiritual Awakening
  • Emotional Freedom
  • End of Inner Conflict
  • The End of the Self-Help Treadmill

Self-help is a treadmill!

There I said it. It’s a treadmill. Now let’s ask some tough questions:

  • How long have you been chasing the dream, that elusive promise of health, wealth and intimacy?
  • How many times have you been told “It’s easy, just follow these 7 simple steps”… and did it actually work?
  • How much money have you spent on books, courses, retreats, coaching and little has really changed?
  • How many times have you felt like a failure because it didn’t work for you and you assumed you just didn’t know, do or learn enough and you need that one more class or course or teacher or…

Inner Reconciliation not a fix or a technique or a gimmick.

It is a total, permanent shift in your relationship with yourself.

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